Friday 23 March 2018

Chilling at La Isleta

Friday 23 March 2018 - Day 19

Last night’s rant seems to have worked.  We woke this morning to blue sky and no wind!  I was a bit concerned my last blog would get some people’s heckles up, but had some supportive comments, particularly from those who have visited the greenhouse hell and agreed with much of what I said.  A few also provided some great tips of areas to visit, which I’ve noted for the next couple of weeks.  

After breakfast, I topped us up to the brim with fresh water, as we’re planning to wild camp tonight. The drive took us past a lot more plastic greenhouses before we turned off and followed the road down to the coast.  We’re parked up in a gravel car park on the cliffs above the sea in the small village of La Isleta del Moro.  There’s no ‘aire’ facilities, but I did find somewhere to top up water if needed (the old outside laundry in the village square).  It’s a small resort, with some nice looking apartments and it’s clearly a dive site in the season, with at least four dive shops. There’s a small supermarket and several bars and restaurants.  We parked in a spot on the edge, with eucalyptus trees behind us, overlooking the sea and the small island from which this place gets its name and enjoyed a cuppa, with the van door open looking at and listening to the sea.

Cathy had a wander down to the beach while I went to explore the village.  It’s pretty quiet and relaxing here - it must be very nice in the height of summer.  I had a look at the cafes and restaurants, a couple looked promising for tapas and seafood.  I wandered up the hill and bought a few groceries from the little shop - quite expensive compared to most but they have a captive audience.  With my purchases stowed away, I found Cathy down at the beach by the small island.  By now it was a little cloudy, so we explored the village a little more before heading back to the van to chill out.  Tonight’s dinner was a chicken tagine, enjoyed with a full view of the sea.

There were a quite a few vans here when we arrived but about half have left now so we have the sea view all to ourselves.  We’ve decided to stay another day; the forecast for tomorrow is sunny (but windy!!) and we’d like to explore the coastal path, plus walk up to the top of the small island.  It’s time for our weekly eating out treat so we’re really looking forward to a tapas or seafood lunch tomorrow.  I’ve just made a pot of coffee (me) and a pot of tea (Cathy) and I’m going to step out with my cup and watch the waves for a while.  But what I’m really looking forward to tonight is falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

View from the van door

Still waiting for BT to come and fix it!

Tagine with a view

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