Sunday 13 November 2011

Norfolk with the Healys

We've had a lovely, relaxing long weekend with Mandy & Frank in Dereham. Friday night we enjoyed a great meal with local Aberdeen Angus fillet steaks cooked to order and far too much red wine! I certainly felt it the next morning as I forced down breakfast. We spent Saturday visiting Dot & Barry in Mundesley. It was lovely to catch up with them and see them looking so well. Last night we went to the Thai restaurant in Dereham; remember the cow bell above the door, Mandy nearly knocking over the Buddha on the stairs and nearly slipping back down them! The food was great although I did get a bit of stick for not sharing my Pad Thai - they were delicious by the way! Today we were up early and drove to Wells next the Sea. The tide was out so lots of wading & sea birds wet on the sand and mud flats. The walk on the sandy beach in brilliant sunshine was very relaxing. The beach huts were brightly painted. We enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Wells Crab House Cafe - needless to say we all had crab! A stop off at Waitrose in Swaffham allowed us to pick up some good wine and we're looking forward to the chunky chilli tonight in front of the TV. It's been a very relaxing weekend with good friends. We look forward to a return match next month and I'm sure we'll be back in Norfolk to enjoy the sky-filled coast and great food.