Sunday 13 November 2011

Norfolk with the Healys

We've had a lovely, relaxing long weekend with Mandy & Frank in Dereham. Friday night we enjoyed a great meal with local Aberdeen Angus fillet steaks cooked to order and far too much red wine! I certainly felt it the next morning as I forced down breakfast. We spent Saturday visiting Dot & Barry in Mundesley. It was lovely to catch up with them and see them looking so well. Last night we went to the Thai restaurant in Dereham; remember the cow bell above the door, Mandy nearly knocking over the Buddha on the stairs and nearly slipping back down them! The food was great although I did get a bit of stick for not sharing my Pad Thai - they were delicious by the way! Today we were up early and drove to Wells next the Sea. The tide was out so lots of wading & sea birds wet on the sand and mud flats. The walk on the sandy beach in brilliant sunshine was very relaxing. The beach huts were brightly painted. We enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Wells Crab House Cafe - needless to say we all had crab! A stop off at Waitrose in Swaffham allowed us to pick up some good wine and we're looking forward to the chunky chilli tonight in front of the TV. It's been a very relaxing weekend with good friends. We look forward to a return match next month and I'm sure we'll be back in Norfolk to enjoy the sky-filled coast and great food.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Campie Hunting

We went to the Motorhome show at the NEC last Sunday. We wanted to look at a variety of designs and layouts. We eventually decided on one with fixed single beds - not sure what that says! - but the idea was to think about sleeping in a hot van abroad. Anyway, anything new is way off budget, but a used Chausson Flash 14 would meet our needs.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Sunrise on our last full day

We were down the beach and in the sea to watch this morning's sunrise on our last full day. It's been a lovely, relaxing week and time has moved very slowly. We're totally chilled and looking forward to topping up our tans. A pot of tea at lunchtime will keep us going until it's cheeky ouzo time on the deck bar tonight. We've bought some ouzo and olive oil to bring home. We just need something tacky for the TS.

Friday 16 September 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Another day on the beach in temperatures in the mid-30s. Now we're showered, changed and sat on the balcony with a cheeky Raki & Sprite, wondering where to eat tonight. We've been good today - we've only had breakfast - we found a restaurant that makes cheesy-hammy-eggy! All my RN readers will understand what a great culinary masterpiece this is. Since then we've only had water and a pit of tea. So tonight we fancy Tzatziki to start, followed by Slouvaki and a Greek salad. Pudding, if we're up to it, will probably be Almond Pie, with a Greek coffee for me. Last night we went to a Taverna on the beachfront - I had swordfish baked in the oven, Cathy had village lamb. Both are baked in a large, round earthenware dish with local vegetables, potato, tomatoes and oregano - delicious. We also shared a simple tomato salad. This was complemented by some Robola white wine, the same we tasted in the winery on our Island tour on Wednesday. So that's the plan for tonight, not forgetting a cheeky ouzo at the deck bar on the beach beforehand. Yamas!

Thursday 15 September 2011

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Island Tour

Today was Coach Trip! Normally we hire a car but this trip we decided to let someone else drive. The first stop was the Robola Cooperative Winery - tasting 5 different wines before 1000 is highly recommended! Then we visited the Drogastali Caves - some magnificent stalactites & stalagmites. The bats roost there all winter - now I now why my female relatives are so scarce that time of the year.
The highlight was a boat trip in the underground Mellisani Lake. The sunlight shining through the collapsed roof coupled with the amazingly blue water was incredible. Cathy just wanted to jump in and swim around - luckily I managed to hold her down. On the way north we stopped to view Myrtos Beach - a stunning stop & famous for it's Captain Corelli scenes with the prostitutes! Lunch was taken at Fiscardo at the most northern tip of the island. It's a lovely harbour and old fishing village that survived the 1953 earthquake. Sadly it's been taken over by the glitterati in their floating gin palaces - so prices are highly inflated. On the way back we stopped at Assos village for an ice cream and a paddle before returning to Katelios. We then headed down to the beach for a cooling swim and to watch the sunset. Today it hit 35'C (94'F) - 10' hotter than it should be at this time of the year. After such a rubbish summer we're not complaining. We're now enjoying a brew on the balcony before a shower and heading down to the waterfront for a cheeky ouzo and dinner. Last night we ate at Persa's Taverna - all home-cooked food. It was the best meal we'd had but the hour long wait for the food saw us feeling a tad mutinous as we were starving! Cathy had the mixed slouvaki and I had Kleftiko. We shared some giant beans in tomato sauce and a Greek salad. And of course before dinner we had a cheeky ouzo (or two) - we can confirm the Nemesis Bar serves the strongest ouzo in town! Right, off to get ready for dinner.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Katelios Chill Out

We arrived safely in Katelios on Sunday. The apartment is basic but spacious and very clean; the owners are lovely, Stella made us very welcome and we get discount at the family taverna on the waterfront.
So far we've just spent time chilling on the beach, snoozing, reading & swimming, oh and eating. The obligatory Ouzo's slipping down nicely at our favourite bar - a weathered deck on the beach, watching the moon rise over the hills and shine brightly over the sea. We've been enjoying some great Tzatziki & Houmus and calamari (of course!) - yesterday lunchtime it was baby squid caught fresh that morning, deep fried whole including the tiny ink sac - delicious. Last night Cathy had swordfish and I had large grilled prawns, with a shared Greek salad - no chips or rice (or half & half) for us thank you. Tomorrow we're touring the island, visiting Drogarati Cave, the underground lake of Melissani and the famous Myrtos Bay beach. Then some time in Fiskardo for some lunch & Tacky Shack shopping, then finishing off in Assos village. And on Thursday we're going to take a look at some of the churches & castles in the south, visit some Captain Corelli filming sites, then to Sami for swimming & a picnic lunch - oh and some wine tasting in the local vineyard. Then it'll be back to the beach for some recovery. More later ..... time for tea now.

Friday 9 September 2011

End of a busy week

It's been a busy week, both at work and in the garden, where the patio is now laid. The next job is to build the pergola and raised beds, followed by the deck outside the Tacky Shack. But, before that, Kefalonia beckons.....

Monday 29 August 2011

Two old gits walking

That's what we were yesterday - two old gits walking.  For the first time in ages we went out for walk in the countryside - Anglesey to be exact.  For days the weather's been rubbish - heavy, constant rain and cloud, so we decided come what may we're going out for some fresh air.
It turned into a lovely coastal walk, which stayed dry and the sun actually shone for a while.  I picked the walk from the Anglesey Tourist website, which has some interesting walks and maps.  We chose a walk starting from a car park by the beach at Cemaes Bay, a circular walk taking in both inland countryside and the rugged coastal path with several ascents and descents with a view of the waves crashing against the rocks.  We also passed Cae Owen, which produces local wine from vines planted on the south facing slopes (sadly we did not stop and sample them!).

On the way we passed Hell's Mouth (or Porth Cynfor) which looked a great place to swim but unfortunately was at the bottom of a steep cliff path which had been fenced off.  We carried on and stopped for lunch (our usual walking food of tuna, onion & mayo butties) on the pebbly beach at Porth Llanllenia).  This included a snooze, listening to the waves crashing on the rocks and pebbles as the sun eventually broke free; we both woke ourselves up snoring!

Further along the route we came across the tiny Eglwys Llanbadrig Church, perched on the top of the cliffs with a large number of very old (and very new) gravestones - some sad history of the families of Cemaes, with large groups of children dying young.  But surprisingly, many gravestones showed those of advanced years; perhaps the sea air, fresh fish and hilly walks kept them fit and healthy?

We returned to the car park and wandered along the prom for a brew, planning to have a quick paddle before heading home, but by the time we'd finished our drink the sun was gone and we'd cooled down in the brisk sea breeze.  So we returned to the car and headed home via a quick tour of Anglesey and fish and chips in Llandudno.

As we walked the coast we talked about our plans for the future, mainly buying a campervan and travelling in both this country and abroad.  This gave us the idea of starting this blog to capture our travels and thoughts, if only to act as an online diary for our own use, to remind us of where we've been and what we plan to do in the future.  But if you come across this we hope you enjoy it.