About Us

We're available to look after your home, pets and garden through the Trusted House Sitters website.  You can see our profile here and contact us if we can help you:  Our Trusted House Sitters Profile or take a look at our Trusted House Sitters page on this blog.

After many years of living on the south coast and with the children grown up, we decided to upsticks, downsize and move to Cheshire.  Selling our house, finding a house to rent and getting all new jobs all happened within a 2 month period - nobody can say we don't move quickly once we've made up our mind to do something!

Part of the move was to downsize so we could start to enjoy life more and our plan (apart from at least one good holiday in the sunshine each year) is to buy a motorhome to use in this country and abroad.  Having read lots of blogs and forums and visited the Motorhome Show at the NEC, we had a fair idea of what we wanted.  Having hired motorhomes several times, we decided we wanted our own.  We found coachbuilts too big, so starting looking at panel van conversions.  These are pricey so we decided to buy a new panel van and have it professionally converted.

We've since retired and move to the beautiful island of Anglesey.  Around sorting out our new home and exploring North Wales, we'll be spending several months of the year travelling around Europe in our campervan.

A bit more about us:

Cathy grew up in Cheshire.  Working as a chemist's assistant when we met, she has bravely followed Paul around the UK and other parts of the world. She spent many months alone as a single parent while Paul travelled the globe with his Royal Navy job.  

Paul left home at the tender age of 16 to join the Royal Navy.  After 28 glorious years of fun and visiting far-flung parts of the world, he decided he ought to get a proper job so on the spur of the moment decided to leave and try something new.  

We married in 1983 at a very young age and have two children.  Both are aware that Mum & Dad may well have spent their inheritance by the time they fall off their respective perches! We made a conscious decision to retire early and live our dream - mission accomplished!

Finally, there's 'El Nido' our Citroen Relay panel van conversion.  He takes us on our various travels and adventures. More about him here.