Saturday 30 November 2013

'30 Years!' - home time

Waking to the 0700 alarm on a dark morning wasn't fun after a week of long lie ins and not wearing a watch. Washed & dressed, I made us a brew and we had a quick tidy around. Our taxi arrived 10 minutes early and we carried our bags down the very narrow stairs out to the road.

The roads were quiet and we made the airport in good time, quickly dropped off our bags, passed through security and sat down to read. Travelling with Easy Jet has been surprisingly stress-free - they even have their own Terminal - 2C. We had some breakfast and are currently sat waiting for our flight to be called - the seats are lovely and comfortable, much better than any we've found in any other airport.  For the first time since we arrived it's cloudy and the forecast looks similar for several days to come, so I'm glad we made the most of all those sunny days last week.

We've had a really relaxing week. We've stayed in Barcelona before, so wasn't fussed about doing the sights, after all the half-built Cathedral is still only half-built 10 years later!  Instead we enjoyed living amongst the local community, wandering around the markets, walking by the beach and eating simple, cheap but filling food, with cheap wine and cava. We're not fans of expensive restaurants, where the food and wine is 3 times the price of the local bars. We've tried to speak Spanish all week - Cathy has done very well.  But mostly we've enjoyed relaxing and being together during our 30th anniversary week. Our future holidays will all be in our camper van, so no more airports for us - we can't wait.  But we've really enjoyed this week and it'll seem strange clinking glasses without saying our holiday toast of '30 YEARS!'.

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