Thursday 28 November 2013

'30 Years!' - day Six

Our day started lazily and we eventually wandered out for a walk along the beach. Breakfast was enjoyed at the local indoor market at one of the small caf├ęs in the corner.  We both had egg, sausages and white beans cooked in oil and garlic - delicious.  We carried on with our walk, stopping for some fried baby squid and a cold beer.  We walked right down the the Olympic village, which is starting to show its age.  On our return journey we again stopped off at the market cafe so Cathy could enjoy some of the thick hot chocolate, with freshly fried churros to dip in - I had a glass of cava. The owner asked us in Spanish where we were from. When we told him Manchester all the football links came out - how Chelsea are good but Mourhino is a very bad man!

We returned to the apartment for our usual brew and snooze.  At about 6pm we walked down to the market square and into a tiny tapas bar called Cova de Fumado. This place has no sign outside so unless you knew of its existence it would be very easy to miss.  Already there was a gang of local 'old boys' sat at one of the long marble topped tables, enjoying a beer and some banter.  We sat at a table and the owner explained what was on the menu tonight; it was a simple menu written on a chalkboard but looked very tasty. We ordered a glass of wine each and then our food:
Toasted bread slathered in home-made garlic mayonnaise
Grilled artichokes
Grilled prawns
Their famous Bomba - potato and meat balls covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried - these came with a fiery hot sauce.

All of this was delicious, served and eaten quickly, with a great noisy buzz around us.  At some point a local came and took the spare chair on our table, said hello and ordered his own one man feast.  What we took to be the mama & papa came in later; papa grabbed a chair to watch the goings on, mama inspected the bar and kitchen before herself sitting down by the kitchen.  Still feeling a bit peckish we ordered some broad beans and local sausage.  The beans were very soft and cooked in red wine, garlic & paprika, the sausage was hot, peppery and very meaty.
Pleasantly full, we enjoyed the atmosphere and food, although Cathy thought it a bit greasy (lashings of olive oil was used) and said the kitchen cooking oil smelled a bit old.  But still a great experience. We then nipped next door to Bar Ke for a drink and a chat.

We'd also heard of an Absinthe Bar a short walk away; we'd never had this so thought it would be fun. The bar was very dark, 'bo-ho' and a bit whacky - it fitted the Absinthe atmosphere perfectly.  We told the bar waitress that we hadn't had Absinthe before, so she explained and showed us how it's made and started us off with a weaker one that they make themselves.  It all felt a bit furtive and naughty.  This one we found a bit weak so next time asked for a stronger one. Wow, was it strong!  After a glass of this we both felt a bit out of it, Cathy's lips and throat felt anaesthetised and we were both a bit giggly.  We don't remember leaving there nor the walk back, and both woke this morning with massive hangovers. It was an experience but probably a one-off for us!

At the chocolate and churros again
A game of Doms in the sunshine

We should have walked on past!

oooh - it's slipping down rather too well!
Numbed from the Absinthe!

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