Monday, 17 September 2018

Fish and chips in Tobermory

Saturday 15 September 2018

Nido’s parked up at Crannich Farm campsite, in a lovely valley inland on Mull. It’s raining and is forecast to carry on until the morning, but we’re on electric, we have stuff to watch on the laptop and we have cake!

We had a lovely sunny morning on Fidden Beach.  I made use of the hot showers on the site while Cathy prefers the equally hot shower in the van - perhaps it’s no coincidence the midges have stopped flying around us this morning!  The plan today was to visit the colourful capital - Tobermory.  The 50 mile journey was along a scenic route, following the road along a couple of lochs, with highland cattle slowing us down  on occasion.  The road meandered alongside the water, sometimes curling in to cross moorland, again all on a single road with passing places.  Only by Loch Na Feal were there any places to park and admire the view (and possible wild camping spots when drier).  The last few miles into Tobermory are on a wide (for Mull) two lane road, which felt very strange!  The town offers free parking and we were able to easily park Nido.  I expected it to be busy on a Saturday, but I guess we’re approaching the end of the season, so there were only a few people about.  After stopping to buy Cathy a headband for walking, we enjoyed some fish and chips from the van at the Fisherman’s Pier - very tasty - that was our main meal for today sorted.  As I ordered, Cathy took the cakes we’d bought back to the van - that’s tonight’s ‘dinner’ sorted!  We had a bimble along the main street, past the brightly painted shops, pubs and restaurants, before following a path for 2km to reach a headland with a lighthouse.  There had been a few landslips along the path; it must be a full-time job keeping it open.  

Our drive to Crannich Farm was short and we were soon pitched up overlooking moorland and the pine forests on the opposite side of the valley.  We have free wifi here but it’s weak and intermittent, so I won’t be uploading three days’ worth of blog posts today.  Tomorrow we leave Mull and start to head south down the Kintyre peninsula, but I think we’ll be back to this lovely island.

A sunny morning at Fidden Beach


Excellent fish and chips on the Fisherman's Pier

If you look carefully on the far middle left, you can just make out the head of the seal following this survey boat

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