Saturday 4 October 2014

Day 1 - trek to the Coast

Friday 3 October 2014: Barnton to Gosport

We both had haircuts first thing, although mine took a little less time than Cathy's!  We'd already loaded most of our things in the van the night before, so we drove down to fetch it and bring it home to finish off the packing plus, most importantly, put my bike on the rack. With everything secured we were off.

We expected a long journey on a Friday, but 7.5 hours was a bit much.  Accidents on the M6, M42 and M3 meant loads of time sitting in queues of traffic, which was a shame given it was a sunny day and 21`. With the M3 completely closed we sat on the bottom end of the A34 before cutting across country and finally reaching the Kingfisher campsite in Gosport, next to the beach.  I checked us in and we pitched up, hooked up and went off for a walk along Stokes Bay.  Despite being dark and a bit breezy it was very warm - t-shirt weather. Not bad for October.  We walked down to the Pebbles Bistro, right on the beach to see if we could blag a table. All were booked but as we stood at the bar with a glass of wine, a couple paid up and left, so we were OK after all.  We used to live opposite Pebbles, just a short walk from the beach so have been in there several times over the years. The menu is mainly seafood based; Cathy had swordfish and I had garlic prawns.  Fed and well watered we walked back along the seafront to the van and our first night's sleep of the holiday.

Most important item packed - the bike!

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