Friday 18 May 2012

Campie 2012 - An Introduction

As we'd like to buy a motorhome, it made sense to try before we buy, so we hired a Chausson Welcome 85 from  Live the Dream Motorhome Hire, based in Anderton. The owners, Stephanie & Ian have been really helpful, providing lots of advice and inspiration. We would certainly recommend them to,anyone thinking of hiring a motorhome. So we decided to keep a blog about our travels and what we learned during our first ever Campie Tour. We chose to travel around Northumberland. It's a part of Britain we've always wanted to visit and reckoned that if we enjoyed our week in the cooler weather of the North East, several weeks in Southern Europe would be a breeze. As I sit and type this sat outside the motorhome, the sun is shining and it's lovely and warm - not what we expected at all! So I'll write a short piece each day and post it to our blog; I'll add photos when we get home.


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