Sunday 20 May 2012

A walk to Hareshaw Linn on our first full day

Sunday 20 May

We woke at about 0530 to birdsong and we were a bit chilly so I put the heating on, which soon warmed up the MH - too warm in fact so next time I'll pick a lower setting. We slept until 0800 then I got up to put the kettle on - blue sky and sunshine. Breakfast was the remainder of yesterday's bread toasted - with the door open, birds singing and sheep sheeping! The site is very peaceful. We're quite tidy any way but we're fast learning that items need to be used then put away again, as it's too easy to fill up all the seats and surfaces. Cathy made the picnic lunch for our walk while I caught up with this blog. We walked from the site to Hareshaw Linn, a lovely, secluded waterfall. It has been a relaxing day and we're now sat outside in warm sunshine looking forward to a Chinese takeaway tonight - I've even downloaded a Chinese Restaurant Music playlist on Spotify! Tomorrow will be our first stop at the coast, at Dunstan Hill near Craster. But first we're going to visit Alnwick Gardens & the town.

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