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Monday 7 May 2018

Making camp by the Dordogne

Monday 7 May 2018 - Day 64

We’ve set up camp for a few days at Beau Rivage campsite, on the banks of the Dordogne, about 3.5km from the lovely village of La Roque Gageac.  Our original intention was to stay on the aire at La Roque, but with good weather, we decided a few days in one place, with electric hook up, long hot showers and a heated swimming pool, was too good to miss.  And all for only €13 with our ACSI Discount Card.

Yesterday we stayed on a free aire right alongside the Dordogne in the village of Gluges.  It was busy, next to a large picnic site, so cars were coming and going during the day too.  There’s also a campsite adjacent, but that wasn’t yet open for the season.  It was a hot day (yippee!) so we spent most of the day sat outside reading in the dappled shade of the trees.  We also had a good spot to watch the kayakers heading downstream and a couple of fishermen in small inflatables, with their legs dangling in the water, wearing flippers; I’ve no idea if they caught anything but it looked fun!  Cathy’s still suffering with the insect bites around her left eye and that side of her face is still swollen and sore.  I roasted some vegetables for dinner, mixed into boiled rice and eaten with some merguez sausages cooked on the gas BBQ.  Once darkness fell we were treated to a ‘dry’ thunderstorm - lots of sheet lightning and rumbles of thunder but not much rain.  It cooled a little during the night so we both slept well - especially C who had been up the past few nights in pain.

This morning we had a lazy breakfast and slow start and after topping up with fresh water and emptying the loo, we only had an hour’s drive to our current location.  We’ve visited La Roque Gageac before, back in 2013 when we first came to France in a campervan.  Then I enjoyed a great bike ride and Cathy a good walk, so we want to explore a bit more on foot.  We did drive to the aire, but it was busy and hot, hence the change of plan to come to this campsite.  After setting up camp, we made good use of the large heated swimming pool, for a cooling swim and a sit in the sunshine with our books.  Now fed and washed up, I’ll stick the kettle on soon for a brew.  

I’ve seen the reports of great weather back in UK for the Bank Holiday weekend and it’s made me feel homesick for our lovely house on Anglesey (C’s been feeling it for a couple of weeks).  This has been an interesting trip, but we’re missing our new home and are excited about getting back in just over 3 week’s time.  Although we’ve got a lot planned for the first few weeks back, with decorating and replacing the bathroom, we’ll also be making the most of the summer weather with the beach pretty much on our doorstep.  I’m also really looking forward to picking up my training again to become a qualified Search Technician with the Anglesey Lowland Search and Rescue Team.

Aire at Gluges

Dordogne by the aire

Nice to put down roots for a few days - Beau Rivage campsite