Friday 9 October 2015

Britstop 607

We're parked up in the car park of Britstop 607 - pub - between Macclesfield and Leek.  In line with the Britstop rules, we only give the number to ensure only members know where it is - if you want to know more you'll need to buy the book!  It took us about an hour from picking up El Nido to arriving. I rang the pub earlier in the day and was reassured that they knew about Britstops (the last one we tried said they didn't even though they were in the book!) and had space.  I parked up in the far corner and we walked in ready for something to eat.   The welcome from both staff and the few locals at the bar was warm, but we then found out they didn't yet have a working PDQ machine due to a very recent change in landlord, so we could only pay in cash. We didn't have enough so we had to drive off again to the Sainsbury's superstore a few miles down the road, grab some money from the ATM and return to our old parking spot.

Money in hand I ordered some drinks while we looked at the menu - Cathy had a steak and I went for the house burger, which was homemade and delicious.  After a chat, a couple of drinks and well fed, we said our goodnights and returned to the van.  We'd bought a duvalay memory foam mattress topper for our double bed and we're looking forward to a warmer and more comfortable night's sleep - rock and roll lifestyle!

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