Saturday 7 September 2013

Life's for chillin'

My business card feels at home at the Maenporth beach cafe

We've had a lovely, lazy day.  It rained most of the night - hard - but the morning started nice and sunny.  After a lazy breakfast the rain came in again, but by the time we'd washed and cleaned up it was looking a lot brighter.  So we wandered down to Maenporth beach with our coats.  After a quick wander around the beach we headed onto the coastal path heading west.  After about a mile we found a large rocky cove, with lots of open, pebbly space.  We wandered around here for a while, soaking up the peace & quiet and collecting a few special stones for the deck - it's something we do at every new beach we visit!

We then headed back towards Maenporth. Ready for a break, we had a tea & coffee at the cafe on the beach.  Cathy had a scone with jam and clotted cream, I had a very tasty crab sandwich.  We then wandered onto the beach - the tide was out.  Cathy enjoyed a paddle and I bimbled around some of the rock pools. The sun was out and it was very warm, a marked difference to yesterday (when we left the van this morning there was still a pile of ice in the grass from the hail storm).

Returning to the van we sat in the sun for a while before preparing dinner.  Tonight it was a ratatouille baked in the oven with chicken thighs wrapped in Parma ham, plus sautéed potatoes, washed down with a bottle of rosé. We baked some bread rolls ready for tomorrow's lunch and I went off to do the washing up while Cathy did some packing.

We're now sat watching the clear sky darken, listening to some music.  It'll soon be time for a brew and a read before bed - with such a long journey home we have to leave the site by 0800 tomorrow morning, so will need to be up early to empty waste, unplug, pack and head off.  It's been a lovely break and we've quite enjoyed staying on one site for 4 nights, although we look forward to exploring more of Cornwall when we have our own, smaller van.  Our next motorhome trip is a long year away but we'll save up and enjoy the fortnight away in France - after all, life's for chillin'.

Maenporth beach


Tiny mussels - a few years and they'll be big enough to eat!

Contemplating..... Meditating.... Ruminating.... Dreaming.... Wishing

Camper van apron in use in the camper van!

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