Sunday 17 July 2016

Back home

Sunday 17 July 2016

We're back home after an early start and the usual long and boring drive north.  Nido's been unpacked, cleaned inside and out, tanks flushed and returned to his storage home.  We've started to sort out and put away stuff and had a Chinese takeaway - too tired to cook. Tomorrow I'm back at work - Cathy on Tuesday - and so the cycle begins again. 

For those interested in the statistics:

We spent 15 nights in Europe, visiting Belgium, Germany and France, driving a total of 1982 miles door to door.

We spent our 15 nights as follows:

Belgium: one free night in a café car park
Germany: two nights on free aires, two nights on paid aires and three nights on a campsite
France: three nights on free aires and four nights on paid aires.

We spent the following, door to door from home:

€257.47 - diesel
€94.00 - paid aires (including water and electricity costs)
€98.70 - campsites
€358.12 - groceries
€211.00 - eating out
€38.60 - trips
€6.00 - parking

So for 15 nights' holiday - all inclusive - a total of €1,063.89 or about £912