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Monday 14 May 2018

Nearly floating in Bourganeuf

Monday 14 May 2018 - Day 71

Nido’s parked up in an aire in the middle of the town of Bourganeuf and we're not moving anywhere until tomorrow afternoon.  It’s been tipping it down since dawn and is still going, so we left Bellac and stopped off at a Leclerc supermarket, where I parked in the corner and cooked a good old fry-up for breakfast!  Another large shop was done as we’re house sitting from tomorrow, at a renovated water mill, about 20 minutes from here.  We’ll be there for a week, so they’ll be no daily blog updates, although I will do my usual house sit blog at the end.  I hope they have some wellies for walking the dog, feeding the chickens and sorting out the ponies - we left ours at home as we didn’t think we’d need them!  

After the house sit we’ve decided to make a fast run for the north coast (might even use the ‘troll’ road if it’s quicker!) so we can spend our last week by the sea.  Got to go - just seem some chap in a big beard building a huge wooden boat and leading animals into it, two by two...