Wednesday 31 August 2022

Back to Trégastel

Wednesday 31 August 2022

Nido's parked up at yet another free aire at Pleumur-Bodou.  Today's been almost a carbon copy of a day on our last trip in 2019.

Waking to overcast skies and a strong breeze, we had a lazy morning; walked the dog, showers and breakfast before heading off at about 1130.  First stop was some food shopping then on to Guingamp to use the free service point. After two days off-grid with no facilities, we needed to top up with fresh water and dump grey and black waste.  Although our plan is to head a little further west but inland, we still wanted to return to Trégastel (or Trégastell in Breton, which is the same spelling in Welsh), as it's such a beautiful place, in fact one of our most favourite beaches. 

The weather had improved with some strong sunny spells but still with a brisk onshore breeze. We again parked up in the large free car park near the sailing club.  Salty is banned from the beaches (he doesn't know why!) so he stayed in the van.  All the blinds were closed but with the skylights cracked open, so it was cool inside, plus he had plenty of water and his cooling mat.  It was only a short walk to the beach, which is white sand and crushed sea shells - idyllic.  Although the tide was quite a way out already, there was enough water for us to enjoy a deliciously cool swim in crystal clear water, swimming around the large pink granite rocks, carved into smooth shapes by the fierce winter storms.  We loved this place last time and we still do.  We only spent about an hour away from the van and Salty was absolutely fine when we returned.  We had a quick cup of tea and a sandwich before driving the short 7km to our current stop.  

We've stayed before. It's a free aire without about 20 spaces.  It's next to the Gaulois Village and over the road from the PlanetariumLe Radôme - Cité des Télécoms is visible as a huge white dome above the trees.  We're surrounded by forest and now the day visitors have left, it's a quiet spot to spend the night. Once set up, we took Salty for a good walk through the forest and along some country lanes, ending up at Le Menir de Saint Uzec, a block of granite weighing about 80 tons 7.4m above the ground (with about another 2m underground.  It was erected in the Neolithic period and 'christianised' in 1674, when a number of carvings were made into the grant.   We ate outside, moving back into the van for our cup of tea and pâtisserie. Today it's Carte au Citron, again from Super U.  The pastry looks a bit pale but it's actually crunchy and the filling is delicious.  Overall a lovely texture and flavour. So this earns a good 8/10!

We swam around those rocks to the far left

Menhir de Saint-Uzec

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