Friday 23 August 2013

Blogging on the Move

During our last trip to France I wanted to write up and post a blog entry each day, but didn't want the hassle of also taking the MacBook, which would have needed 240v to charge up.  I had the iPad so in theory could have logged into the blog, but I wanted a tool I could use on the iPad to write up the blog offline and upload it later. This was mainly because I knew we wouldn't always have WiFi access.

I decided on using the Posts App for the iPad.  This is a really simple tool that syncs with my blogs and allows me to manage all my posts offline, then sync with and upload to the main site when I had WiFi access. It was really easy to use, allowing me to tag posts and also manage photos.

Adding photos to blog posts written on the iPad when on the move presented a different problem.  I got around this by using the Camera Connection Kit for the iPad.  This meant photos could be taken on a decent digital camera, then the SD card could be plugged in to the iPad to upload and edit the photos.  It was easy to select the photos for each blog post.  I also saved the photos in my Dropbox account which meant, on returning home, it was easy to transfer the photos to the MacBook.

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