Wednesday 14 September 2011

Island Tour

Today was Coach Trip! Normally we hire a car but this trip we decided to let someone else drive. The first stop was the Robola Cooperative Winery - tasting 5 different wines before 1000 is highly recommended! Then we visited the Drogastali Caves - some magnificent stalactites & stalagmites. The bats roost there all winter - now I now why my female relatives are so scarce that time of the year.
The highlight was a boat trip in the underground Mellisani Lake. The sunlight shining through the collapsed roof coupled with the amazingly blue water was incredible. Cathy just wanted to jump in and swim around - luckily I managed to hold her down. On the way north we stopped to view Myrtos Beach - a stunning stop & famous for it's Captain Corelli scenes with the prostitutes! Lunch was taken at Fiscardo at the most northern tip of the island. It's a lovely harbour and old fishing village that survived the 1953 earthquake. Sadly it's been taken over by the glitterati in their floating gin palaces - so prices are highly inflated. On the way back we stopped at Assos village for an ice cream and a paddle before returning to Katelios. We then headed down to the beach for a cooling swim and to watch the sunset. Today it hit 35'C (94'F) - 10' hotter than it should be at this time of the year. After such a rubbish summer we're not complaining. We're now enjoying a brew on the balcony before a shower and heading down to the waterfront for a cheeky ouzo and dinner. Last night we ate at Persa's Taverna - all home-cooked food. It was the best meal we'd had but the hour long wait for the food saw us feeling a tad mutinous as we were starving! Cathy had the mixed slouvaki and I had Kleftiko. We shared some giant beans in tomato sauce and a Greek salad. And of course before dinner we had a cheeky ouzo (or two) - we can confirm the Nemesis Bar serves the strongest ouzo in town! Right, off to get ready for dinner.

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