Saturday 10 October 2015

Flagg - Peak District

Nido's parked up on a CL in the village of Flagg in the Peak District.  We slept well last night on our new mattress topper (highlight of our week!) and after breakfast left the Britstop and drove back to the Sainsbury's we visited last night to get a few food items.

It only took about half an hour to drive here.  There were already four caravans on site, using up all the hard standings.  I pulled over and went to the cottage to check in with the owner.  She seemed surprised that we were in a campervan (it is the Caravan Club after all!).  With all four hard standing pitches taken, she suggested we 'pitched' on the track that encircles the site, in case we messed up the grass.  I thought to myself why not just add one more hard standing, after all CLs are meant to be a maximum of five pitches anyway.  But I bit my tongue, nodded, thanked her and drove around to reverse onto the grass in a flattish area so I could reach the EHU point.  I had no wish to block the driveway for other CL users and hadn't paid £12 to park there with little outside space or easy access to hook up!

Cathy sorted out our picnic and made a flask for our tea, while I hooked us up to electric and grabbed rucksacks and walking boots from the back of the van.  We were soon heading off on a 6 mile walk via the villages of Taddington and Chelmorton.  It took us through fields and over stiles built into the dry stone walls.  It was a bit misty when we left but gradually brightened and warmed up.  We had our lunch in Chelmorton before walking back in a cooler and fresher wind.  Back at the van I unpacked while Cathy soaked her muddy feet in the purple bucket filled with hot water - she'd worn walking sandals.  I set up the iBoost which worked well for an hour or so before losing contact - I think it might be that the BT Wifi with Fon kicks us out after a certain period of time - and no amount of coercing would make it reconnect. 

We could hear the unusual sound of an owl in the afternoon sun - maybe it's an owl who's afraid of the dark - that would be a great title for a children's book! Once Cathy was done sitting outside (ie she had cleaned her dirty feed in the purple bucket!), we shut the door and popped on the heating for a quiet night in, just chilling out.  I cooked a southern pepper chicken curry from a curry kit Nicola and Chris bought for my birthday - very tasty and easy to cook in Oska. The rest of our evening was spent reading and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Nice pitch on the CL - until the sap from the trees descended

Small farming enclosures - several hundred years old