Wednesday 4 September 2013

Life's a Beach

We're parked up at the Pennance Mill Campsite, about 3 miles south of Falmouth, between Swanpool and Maenporth beach. We picked up the van from Steph & Ian at Live the Dream Motorhome about 0900 and, after loading up, hit the motorways. It was a really warm day and the long, seven hour drive was only broken up by a lunch stop on the M5 and a refuel on the A30. The campsite is very quiet; clearly the families have left and so it's peaceful.

Having set up, hooked up and after a cup of tea, we headed off for a walk to the find the beach. About 20 minutes later we reached Maenporth Beach, a small sandy cove with a great looking cafe, plus a bar & grill called The Cove.  After a wander up and down the beach we took the coastal path heading north.  Cathy enjoyed the blackberries and the path was lined with lovely fragrant honeysuckle. About  2 miles on we reached Swanpool beach.  This also has a cafe right on the beach, plus a restaurant called Indaba with a great looking seafood menu - I think this will be our lunch spot on Saturday!

Stomping along the small lanes, we returned to the van ready for some food and Belgian & German beer.  We enjoyed this with some spring rolls and koftas, sat outside under the awning. In the meantime the curry was cooking in the oven.  Awning de-rigged, we moved inside to eat.  Now it's time for bed as I'm up early for day one of the Agile On the Beach conference, at Falmouth University in Penryn, along with 3 of the guys from work.  It should be a good couple of days, plus I get to cycle to work, although it's a tad hilly around here.  Coincidentally, most of the signs around here mention 'On the Beach' - lots of synchronicity going on. So time to sleep now after a long drive and an early start tomorrow. No doubt Cathy will have a lazy day!

First attempt at putting up the awning
All set up

Maenporth Beach

Maenporth Beach cafe

Above Swanpool Beach - menu looked great!

Enjoying some Belgian beer

More enjoying of Belgian beer!