Friday 16 September 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Another day on the beach in temperatures in the mid-30s. Now we're showered, changed and sat on the balcony with a cheeky Raki & Sprite, wondering where to eat tonight. We've been good today - we've only had breakfast - we found a restaurant that makes cheesy-hammy-eggy! All my RN readers will understand what a great culinary masterpiece this is. Since then we've only had water and a pit of tea. So tonight we fancy Tzatziki to start, followed by Slouvaki and a Greek salad. Pudding, if we're up to it, will probably be Almond Pie, with a Greek coffee for me. Last night we went to a Taverna on the beachfront - I had swordfish baked in the oven, Cathy had village lamb. Both are baked in a large, round earthenware dish with local vegetables, potato, tomatoes and oregano - delicious. We also shared a simple tomato salad. This was complemented by some Robola white wine, the same we tasted in the winery on our Island tour on Wednesday. So that's the plan for tonight, not forgetting a cheeky ouzo at the deck bar on the beach beforehand. Yamas!